Photographing the Colene Clemens Winery Barn in Newberg, OR

OR 103

When Mary and I were in Portland a few weeks back, we had a few hours to rush from the Portland Japanese Garden to the wine country to find a barn or two to photograph.  As we were running out of time, we decided to go to an old favorite that we saw a couple of years ago.  Here is the Colene Clemens barn from every angle.

OR 101

Since it was the middle of the day, we planned on black and whites and used our infrared cameras.  The barn is right at the entrance while the winery is at the top of the hill.

1305_PSA_Portland Infrared_021-Edit-Edit
1305_PSA_Portland Infrared_025-Edit-Edit
1305_PSA_Portland Infrared_018-Edit-Edit
1305_PSA_Portland Infrared_011-Edit-Edit

After you are done shooting, make sure you head to the top of the hill to taste the excellent Pinots from Colene Clemons.  Here is a link to our popular blog about photographing Oregon barns.

To see all of our photographs and purchase these or others, please click this link to

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