Photography Project: Photographing the backs of flowers


Most photography projects are about helping you to actually “see” what is around you.  Our minds are efficient and tend to filter out what we don’t need – but limiting what you see can inhibit creativity.  Flowers for example, we notice the “show at the front door”, but don’t necessarily take the time to notice the “afterparty in the alley”.  (yes – I did just make that up – it’s been a long weekend transferring PC’s and fighting with Windows 8).

Now that it’s spring, it’s the perfect time to walk around and notice the back of flowers. I’ve seen images of the backs of sunflowers before, but never really took the time to look for myself.  Be careful if you try this, it may involve lying down in the dirt, crawling on your stomach, and answering questions from people who really shouldn’t be asking them in the first place.

I was surprised to find the stems and “flower attachment” pieces to be so intricate and interesting.

1304_MFA_Super Macro_009

Use your macro lens, a tripod, and set your ISO high (especially if there is a breeze, or they are moving).  Look for backgrounds that provide a contrasting color, like the blue flower against the yellow background.


I try to go out after a rain or the sprinklers stop – I love dew drops, and must have hundred of pictures (with no earthly idea what I will ever do with them).

1304_MFA_Arboretum_001 1304_MFA_Arboretum_008

Lastly, have fun post-processing.  They are the backs of flowers after all – so anything that adds more interest is a plus in my book.



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