Photography Project 52: Week 51 – Tilt the Horizon

1304_MFA_Death Valley_0223

I have a problem with straight horizons. For whatever reason, no matter how hard I try, my horizon always tilts from left to right. I’ve reconciled myself to buying (and using) a level that fits into my hotshoe. I’ve been hoping it’s like training wheels, someday I will have trained myself to adjust for this weird affliction, and I can stop using the level (and spending ridiculous amounts of money because I keep losing them). I think it’s a pipe dream. So this week’s project was a delight – it was about breaking a photography rule, and tilting the horizon to an extreme. The really weird thing was that I always tilted from right to left….go figure.

It’s interesting the importance horizons play in landscape photography, where you place, them, what’s on them, etc. Earlier this year, one of my projects was to minimize the horizon, which helped me understand the importance of the sky in an image.

This project was really fun; I like breaking rules. I was in one of the most scenic places in the country, Death Valley, surrounded by many photographers who approached the landscape with the seriousness and reverence it deserved. I on the other hand played gleefully and used every opportunity to tilt my horizon, looking around and smiling at anyone who happened to be looking at my Live View screen somewhat aghast.

These images are perplexing; I stare at them and wonder if I could get a similar image by straightening my camera and placing it on a slope, or something else that would give me a sharp angle.

1304_MFA_Death Valley_0204-Edit 1304_MFA_Death Valley_0214 1304_MFA_Death Valley_0208-Edit


1304_MFA_Death Valley_303 1304_MFA_Death Valley_300-Edit

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