Photography Project 52: Week 48 – Creating Illustrations from Photographs


It’s hard to believe that after 47 weeks of projects, I would still have a week that was a complete bust.  This week was supposed to be about photographing the negative spaces between objects (its similar to that illustration where you see a vase, and then look harder and you see two faces looking at each other).  I’ve never been good at seeing through to the negative space, and this week was no different.  In utter despair, I decided to tackle something else – creating botanical illustrations.  After all, I needed something different to do with all of the cactus images I take.

Well it wasn’t exactly an easy substitute – I had something very specific in mind.  I wanted to recreate those colorful botanical illustrations you see in upscale hotels.  I tried every tool and technique I could find…..nothing seemed to work.  I am still in search of a technique, so if you happen to run across one, send it my way.

The images below were created with either Alien Skin Snap Art, Topaz Simplify or Dynamic Auto Painter.

1303_MFA_Pheonix_101_DAP_Book 1303_MFA_Pheonix_004-Edit 1303_MFA_Pheonix_043_DAP_Book 1303_MFA_Pheonix_034-Edit 1303_MFA_Pheonix_017-Edit2_DAP_Book

Oh well…. “tomorrow is another day”


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