Photography Project 52: Week 32 – Photographing Water Reflections

For some unusual and unknown reason, I am attracted to reflections…..mirrors, water, cars, metal, you name it I’ll shoot it.  I recently found myself in a place I didn’t particularly care to be, and then looked over and saw a pool of water.  Two hours later Peter was dragging me out of the place.

All of these images were taken in the same place, same relatively small pool of water – just from different angles.  I love the abstract nature of reflections, the colors, the distorted patterns.  I’ve had people who’ve purchased my natural reflections ask me to tell them the subject in my source image.  I think I’m going to have to start doing the Carly Simon thing, and auctioning off the secret to a select few.

Here are a few tips when photographing water reflections:

  • Use a high ISO.  May sound contradictory if you’re making an abstract- but I find with low ISO’s the images are too blurry.
  • Use burst mode when shooting.  Usually the water is moving, which creates unique reflections in rapid sequence.  Burst mode will allow you to select the pattern you like best.
  • Make sure you “de-noise your image before processing.
  • Decide how much you are going to “clean” your image.  There is usually a lot of stuff floating in water – bubbles, debris, etc.  I use two of Topaz’s products – Simplify and Clean to give me a good base
  • Now do something wacky.  I like to play with the processing- change the colors, contrast, crop.  I like Topaz’s Adjust 5 to help inspire me with creative options.

So here are my favorite pics from this week.  To see a larger size, click on an image to access slide screen mode.

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