Photographing Old Town Pasadena, CA

Pasadena City Hall

Mary and I have lived and worked near Pasadena for almost 15 years.  We have been to Old Town Pasadena many times to eat, drink, and shop, but never to make photos.  We arrived early on a Saturday morning to avoid the crowds, bright light, and heat.  Here is what we saw.

The Atlas Clock at Tiffany and Co.

Most of the interesting sites are bounded by the two one-way streets – Green on the west and Union on the east – and Pasadena Avenue to the north and Fair Oaks to the south.  The real interest here is the old buildings and architectural details.

Detail from building

There are also murals in a few places.  We really enjoyed the complex one in the Christensen Alley.

Mary in the Christensen Alley
This was inside that door way

Lastly, we drove a few blocks down to the Paseo Colorado (where they were having their annual chalk drawing festival) and made a run through Pasadena City Hall, which is quite stunning.  Mary just got her new Canon 8-15 mm fisheye lens and she put it to good use.

The clock hall
City Hall

Just a comment on photography tips.  We did not bring tripods so we could be mobile.  We each carried just one lens most of the day.  We also knew many of these would end up black and white because of the bright sunlight.  We processed these in Nik Silver Effects Pro and most of them needed more contrast and structure to bring out the details.

I created a gallery of our photos from the day below that you can click through pretty easily.  So if you live near Pasadena or come for a visit, Old Town Pasadena has great shops and restaurants…and don’t forget your camera.  This is the official Old Town Pasadena website for more information.  To see more of our photos, please go to

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