Project 52: Week 11: Photo Essay of Someone you Love

In honor of Father’s Day, this week’s project was a photo essay of the person who holds the highest place in my heart, my husband Peter.  Peter and I have been together 15 years, and sometimes I accuse him of “not seeing me” (especially when I have drastically changed my hair style and it takes him days to notice). I am a nature photographer, so anything involving people is challenging.  I set out this week to really “see” Peter and to capture those moments that are quintessentially  him as well as some more staged images.

Peter is the man who taught me:

  • Any leftovers can actually be palatable if they are placed in a flour tortilla and eaten as a burrito.
  • Not all red wine is created equal. (for a man who can remember every wine score ever declared – he seems to have difficulty remembering that his glass usually has less wine than mine.  He then tries to take my glass pleads he couldn’t remember which one was which)
  • To live in the moment and stop fretting about the past or the possibilities of what’s to come.
  • I should buy what speaks to me (including ridiculously stupid shoes)….because I’m worth it.
  • That you can have a life-long love affair with one particular food (in Peter’s case it’s brownie sundaes).

Here is to the man who patiently goes along with any wild a@#ed  f#%^*ed project I come up with (his words).  This is my “ode to Peter”

Injury index:  No injuries to report this week – I must be on a positive trajectory.  6 weeks injury free: 5 weeks with injuries.

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