Project 52: Week 5 – Photographing geometric shapes in shades of gray

I had more fun with this week’s photography project than I expected.  I spent the last week hop-scotching across the country for work, and for those of you who live in the mid-west you probably already know that I encountered a lot of stormy weather, delays, and late nights in airports.  In fact I was walking through the DFW airport at midnight on Friday, passed through 2 terminals, and ran into 5 people at most.  It was eerie – similar to the scene in Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise is standing in Times Square without another living soul around.

I digress.   5 hotels in 7 days gave me an opportunity to photograph things I wouldn’t normally try – outside airplane windows, from high floors of skyscrapers, I even layed down on the floor in one of our facilities to photograph lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

This was a fun assignment that required a fair amount of personal interpretation.

  • Did “shades of gray” mean no true black or white point (i.e. not a black and white image, but a purely gray one)?  I chose to add a black and white point – it seemed appropriate given the graphic nature of the shapes.  If the subject matter was softer – for example children in shades of gray, then I might have gone with only grays.
  • Did it have to be only geometric shapes?  I decided to add one with Peter walking through a hallway set with square blocks, and another with construction workers.  I felt that sometimes, geometric shapes can be too static and needed something extra to add movement and tension.
So here is what I captured for this week’s assignment

I am thankful for a few things:

  • Airport security didn’t arrest me for suspicious behavior
  • I didn’t get stepped on while laying on the floor in a heavily trafficked hallway
  • I didn’t get sucked into some creepy vortex while wondering around DFW at midnight.

I took these photos with my trusty S90 – but I do wish I would have taken many of these images with my larger camera.  I just like them that much.

Another week injury free (I think – I have a few bruises but am not sure if I can directly relate them to this project).

Next project:  Camera Movement

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