Project 52: Week 2 Photographing Patterns in Nature

Inside of a nautilus shell

For this week’s project, I decided to spend a morning at the Huntington Gardens in search of natural patterns.  I had two things going against me, a horrible white sky and wind.  So I decided bamboo groves and cactus gardens didn’t move much and focused there.  I also chose to spice things up a bit with a little home photography and bought some pretty orange tulips, picked a lilly from the yard, and hauled out my poor under-appreciated nautilus shell.

It was an eye-opener – I kept finding myself saying “who knew?”

Who knew…..

  • A lilly has beautiful lines on its delicate white petals
  • The definition of a pattern includes the word “predictable” (I only discovered this as Peter and I were evaluating my abstract images to determine if they could qualify as a natural pattern – the answer is no)
  • Pricking yourself on a cactus spine hurts…really hurts. (And I didn’t do it just once, my need to avoid clean-up in post, was greater than my need to avoid pain in the moment….apparently)
  • The inside of a nautilus shell could be so interesting.  I had seen many photos of this shell before, but when I started photographing it, I just couldn’t stop.
  • Tulips have a will of their own; no matter how hard you try to place them, they will go where they want to go, and keep moving after you get yourself set up and take the shot.
To see larger versions, click on one to launch slide show mode.

Week 3 project:  Below the Knee

In terms of the injury index, so far I’m 2 for 0.  Let’s see if next week I can go without hurting myself.


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