Weekend Photography Project: Glass

Glass sunburst

I have a drawer at home filled with things I’ve gathered on trips that I think might be fun to play with. It is full of sea shells, miniature cars, and even hunks of glass. I found these chunks of glass at a rock and gem store new Zion National Park. I wish I would have picked up a few more. These pieces of glass reminded me of the glacier shots many photographers try to get in the Antartica. I tired to replicate some of that feeling in the comfort of my own home on a Saturday afternoon.

For the Glass Sunburst image above, I used a macro lens with an extension tube and a close-up lens. I played with lighting the glass using my $14 Target gooseneck desk lamp, and then decided to put it on an old light box. I slowly moved the glass back and forth until I saw an area of sharpness. This was key – I ended up throwing out most of my images that were “too abstract”. Having an area of sharpness helped. Lastly, I moved the glass around until I found an interesting angle.

For post-processing I kept it simple. I cleaned up any distracting elements and added a Curve adjustment for contrast. I also liked images that had less contrast, like in the Glass Glacier Ice image below.

Glass Glacier Ice

To see more of our images go to www.pamphotography.com.

One Comment

  1. Jack Graham

    I especially live taking macro images of different cocktails, not that I am that much of a lush. Try a nice martini, in a frosted glass with some nice light behind it it…. it can be a lot of fun—good thinking you guys!

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