Photographing Old Signs

Old Motel Sign on 101

One of my many projects is photographing old signs.  There is something artistic about them in the way they capture the imagination.  Or maybe I’m just excited to see something other than the golden arches when we are on the road.  The motel that this sign advertises is gone, I hope it stays….but I can’t imagine that it will.

Most of my work in making an old sign photograph is in the post processing (after Peter takes the photo of course because I am vertically challenged).  I typically remove wires and other obstructions, adjust the color, and sometimes even distort the image so it looks like you are looking at it, rather than up at it.  Often times I do get on the ground and shoot up at it so that obstructions and distractions are minimized.  I think it gives them an extra feeling of energy.

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