Photograhing the Aztec Ruins in Farmington, New Mexico

We used Farmington, NM as our home base for exploring northern New Mexico with stops at Shiprock, Chaco Canyon, and the Bisti Badlands. Thirty minutes outside of Farmington is a fabulous small National Monument with a large pueblo and some reconstructed buildings. It also has one of the longest hallways in any pueblo in the west and we had to see it. Here’s what you might see at the Aztec Ruins National Monument.

We spent about an hour here walking through the ruins and going through the reconstructed Great Kiva in the middle of the grounds.

There is also a short walk to an elevated platform behind the ruins that has a nice view.

We shot with our infrared cameras and made monochrome conversions on the outside and color on the inside. We did use tripods inside the buildings as it was very dark and we had exposure times well past 20 seconds.

The Great Hallway

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