Photographing the Chaco Culture National Historic Park in New Mexico

We used Farmington, NM as our home base for exploring northern New Mexico with stops at Shiprock, Chaco Canyon, and the Bisti Badlands. Chaco is 90 minutes south of Farmington and is pretty easy to see coming or going to Farmington from Arizona. There are two dirt road entrances, one north of the park and one south of the park. Here is what you might see.

After a long drive, I would start at the visitor’s center for a short rest break and grab a map. From the visitor’s center you still have a short one way drive to the actual ruins. There are three parking areas and seven or so areas to explore. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is quite impressive for its size, complexity, and preservation.

The trails are easy and flat with plenty of subjects to see and photograph. It was middle of the day shooting so we did not use our tripods and we both walked around with color and infrared cameras with one lens, so pretty simple set up here.

To see more of and buy of photographs, please go to and check out more of our photos on FLICKR.

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