Joshua Tree with Snow!

1912_PSA_Joshua Tree_023

The large storm during Christmas week left many parts of the Southland flooded or covered in snow. The mountains look great. Mary and I made an impromptu trip out to Josh because we knew it had snow. What an incredible and unique sight. Here is what it looked like.

1912_PSA_Joshua Tree_031-Edit

There still might be snow on the ground, especially at higher elevation like at Jumbo Rocks. I know the road to the Keys View was closed.

We were not the only ones who had the great idea of going to Josh, so the Visitors Center, the west entrance, and the park were packed with very little parking as the snow was piled up everywhere.

A BIG HINT – use the east entrance. It’s about 20 minutes further in Twenty-nine Palms, but it’s also never busy. When we left at 3:30 in the afternoon the line to get into the park from the west entrance was well over a mile long.

When we did get some parking, the views were outstanding in every direction and since the park had been closed, there were almost no footprints anywhere. It was still cold enough for the Joshua Trees to keep snow in their limbs.

With all this snow, there is bound to be plenty of water at Barker Dam – we will be going back soon.

Here is Barker Dam area in January of 2017 after heavy rains.

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