Photographing Ghost Towns: Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie is THE go-to ghost town in California. It’s a bit out of the way, but if you are in Mammoth Mountain or Bishop, CA you can get there in under two hours drive. It is quite a large town with many preserved and reconstructed buildings, as well as interiors in arrested decay. Here is what you might see:

Mary and I usually plan to photograph for 2 hours and try to get here as early as possible to avoid the crowds. There are restrooms, but no potable water and no food, so plan accordingly.

There is a very useful map with a layout of the town and historical information about each structure.

We usually walk down Green Street to photograph the Methodist Church, the JS Cain residence (also known as the bottle house), and the school.

Then, we spend most of our time on Main Street and Union Street. We look in most windows and try to get a photo that is sharp, which is hard to do shooting through dirty glass…some people even come with glass cleaner and rags.

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to or clink the link below.

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