24 Hours Chasing Wildflowers in Southern California

1903_PSA_Southern California_131
Cottonwood sunset, Joshua Tree National Park

Well, it’s on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and every other news outlet…there is a “super bloom” of wild flowers in Southern California.  Given all of the rain we had this winter, we are seeing quite a bloom that should last at different elevations for at least another month.  Though it will be hot the next two days, there is more cool weather and rain in the forecast later this week.  It should keep the good times going.  Here are a few hot spots right now.  Mary and I hit all of these over the weekend in one long push.

Diamond Valley Lake

1903_PSA_Southern California_036

This lake in Riverside has a large parking lot and two trails, a loop up the hill and one around the lake.  We have seen it better, but it is going pretty good right now.  The parking lot opens at 9 AM, but the poppies don’t open until about 10 AM or when it gets warm.  You can spend a good 1-2 hours here.  I have seen the parking lot full by noon on the weekends.



Anza Borrego

1903_PSA_Southern California_069-Edit

Anza gets a lot of the press, but I did not think it was all that great.  It was and will be crazy crowded the next few weeks, has few roads in and out, little parking, and not enough infrastructure for all of the people.  If you must go, try the entrance to Coyote Canyon, Di Giorgio Road, and mile marker 31 on S22 coming in and out of Borrego Springs from the Salton Sea.


Joshua Tree Cottonwood Entrance

1903_PSA_Southern California_108-Edit

Both sides of the road are going great before the Cottonwood entrance on the south side of the park.  It is only a few minutes off of I10.


The wind was howling Friday and Saturday 15-30 miles an hour, so we left early.  Check weather and winds before you go.  We had to shoot mostly at ISO 1600-3200 to freeze the action.  We also visited the cholla cactus garden.  At least they don’t move as much as the flowers do.


Maybe more next week.

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


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