What a mess. Isolating flowers at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

We read that Lake Tekapo had some beautiful flowers on its shores.  So after a long drive, we thought we would take it easy and have a leisurely sunset shoot.  When we showed up to a full parking lot, we knew we were in for some “combat” photography.  Here’s what we did.

There were plenty of clumps of tall Lupine, in fact, the largest Lupine I have ever seen.  Unfortunately there were about as many tourist and most of them were in my shot.

I really wanted the lupine with the like and the mountains.  I had to find a good clump and then get low.

Here’s Mary with a clear view to the lake.

We decided that it was crowded because it was sunset and that no one would be out for sunrise.  We would be wrong. It was just as crowded at sunrise as it was for sunset.

I found these purple and pink lupine that went well with the alpenglow.

When the sun finally broke the horizon, we shot the flowers backlit.

We have several posts on our blog about our New Zealand trip.  Take a look.  To see more of (and buy) our photos, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


  1. Mark McDermott

    I really enjoyed this post, both the story and the photos, though I believe some key “Mary vs the Tourists” color commentary is missing. Trying to maintain a PG rating? 😉

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