Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

When in Tucson, Mary and I strongly suggest you check out this museum.  It is not so much a museum, but a zoo, aquarium, and museum rolled into one.  Here is what you might see:

The Museum is 16 miles and 40 minutes west of downtown Tucson.  There is a big parking lot, but get there early because of the heat and the crowds.  There is a nice walking path, but it is built on th side of a hill, so it does meander up and down.  Wear comfortable shoes.

Unfortunately, we did have quite a few sleepers.

Some more of our favorites.

Finally, they had a walk-in hummingbird sanctuary with knowledgeable staffers.

We used mostly 200 mm lenses.  I also suggest that cropping into squares can be very pleasing when making “portraits” of animals.

Here is a link to the museum.

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to

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