Look. See. Imagine. Create. – Wildflower Special Post

Making a wide angle photo of a full field of flowers is not that hard, if the subject is a good one with decent light.  Set up your tripod, set aperture to f/16, and shoot away.  However, if the subject is not obvious, you will have to work for it and be more creative.  Here is a way to do that:


There’s a photo in here somewhere

When Mary and I were at Diamond Valley Lake last month, we saw a nice patch of mixed flowers on a rise with a nice blue sky and puffy clouds in the background.  Unfortunately, the hill was steep AND, you should not be climbing into the flowers.


Mary suggested we put on our telephoto lenses, compress the image, and isolate a few of the flowers.


I pushed my telephoto out to 200 mm and started panning through the flowers looking for something interesting when I found these lovely purple ones above the yellows.


I thought a portrait orientation worked better, here.  I wish there was a little space between the two in the middle, but the wind was blowing and it was hard to get them exactly where I wanted them.  The largest aperture I could get was f/3.5, but as you can see, it created a very nice colorful bokeh.

Well, wild flower season is over for me and Mary.  We had a very busy April trying to get to as many locations as we could in Southern CA.

To see more of (and buy) our photographs, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


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