Lensbaby Challenge: Week 2


This week I switched up my set up and mixed wide with macro.  Food and flowers seemed to be the subjects of choice.  I look forward to the upcoming week, my setting will change and hopefully my subject matter.This week I used a Lensbaby macro converter (their version of an extension tube) the Double Glass optic with an f 4.0 aperture disk, and a wide angle lens.  It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the gear put together (Peter wasn’t around, and I am the first to acknowledge I am hardware challenged; give me a piece of software and I am up in running in nano seconds).

I wanted to get close, but also capture a wider field of vision than you can when you go pure macro.  I also took the Lensbaby off my Fuji and put it on my Canon full frame camera.  I am finding it easier to photograph with the Fuji in terms of focusing and setting the exposure using their Exposure Simulation feature (canon has one too, but it doesn’t work as well when you are using equipment the electronics doesn’t recognize).  So here is this week’s bounty.

I’m still finding it challenging to get consistent results, but am motivated to continuing to make progress.


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