What is the best camera?


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question, and the response is usually, “the one you are carrying”.  I learned this lesson last week while I was working in Cambridge.  I was walking 6-8 miles a day to get between locations, dutifully carrying my Fuji XT1, in addition to my work stuff, just in case there was a great photo opportunity.  And then, at the end of a very long day, I decided to leave it in my room for my last 3 mile loop.

Only to see the most amazing light pop through an overcast sky at 9:00 pm.  I mean amazing.  I was exhausted, jet lagged, and about to cry at not having my Fuji with me (I refrained though because a work colleague and friend was standing right there and I didn’t want to embarrass myself).  I did the only thing I could in that moment….. I pulled out my iPhone.

I decided to treat these photos like I would my “real photos” and process them using my favorite PC software.  I am pleased with how they turned out, grateful to have captured the moment, and thankful to have the “best” camera available.



  1. Helen

    Love this post – it’s amazing what you can achieve on an iPhone. My top tip though is to not let you the person in charge of your camera budget know!

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