Creatively Photographing Zebras

1605_MFA_Los Angeles_020

I will be the first to admit, I’m not a wildlife photographer.  But I do like to watch animals, and re-imagine new ways to photograph them.  The abstract quality of zebra stripes combined with a high-key image approach keeps me behind my camera for hours.

This blog contains both infrared and color images converted to monotone.

Step 1:  Patience – wait and study their movements.

Step 2:  Make sure the light is consistent.  Either bright sunlight, or even shade.  Mottled light will cast distracting shadows

Step 3:  Try to isolate an individual animal or an area of the body.

Step 4:  In post-processing, create a high-contrast monotone image.  Push the blacks and the whites as far as they will go.

Step 5:  Brush away distractions in the background – dirt clumps, branches, etc..  I use the Adjustment brush in Lightroom.  I set the exposure slider to 4.00 (the highest it will go), create a soft brush with a wide feather, and then brush over the distractions.  Sometimes I will have to create a new brush and keep brushing over the same area until its white.

1605_PSA_Los Angeles_390-Edit1605_PSA_Los Angeles_3771605_MFA_Los Angeles_1101605_MFA_Los Angeles_019

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