A (long) weekend in Mt. Rainier National Park

Spectacular Mount Rainier
Reflection Lake Sunrise

Here are the highlights of our weekend in Mount Ranier.  Mary and I attended a Jack Graham and Bill Fortney photography workshop built around Fujifilm cameras.  Our plan was to photograph fields of wildflowers with Rainier in the background.  The epic drought in the West brought out the flowers 3-4 weeks early and they were all gone by the time we got there…still plenty to see and do in the Park.

Hike 4 miles and climb 90 stories to a waterfall

Comet Falls
Comet Falls

Photograph Christine Falls


Walk around Tipsoo Lake

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0080-Edit

Sunrise at Reflection Lake


Sunset at Inspiration Point

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0025

Hangout at Sunrise Point

1508_PSA_Rainer IR_0125-Edit

Fog and Trees


Ruby Falls


To see (and buy) our photos, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


  1. Dalo 2013

    Absolutely stunning photographs ~ A beautiful way to bring in the New Year ~ a great post and best to you with your writing and photography in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

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