A few photos of northern Big Sur

Rocky Creek Bridge
Rocky Creek Bridge

We have spent more than 10 days in the last two years photographing Big Sur.  Not bad for a couple of So Cal denizens.  The last time we were up there we spent half a day driving from Pebble Beach to Hurricane Point.  Because we were on “vacation” we did not get up early for sunrise and did our best with 10-to-2 shooting.  Here is what you might see.


The northern end of Big Sur is dominated by Garrapata State Park and beaches.  There are a number of turn offs and hiking trails along the way.  Mary and I use this excellent guidebook to help us get around – Photographing Big Sur.

a popular subject
A popular subject

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_340-Edit

I think the black and white is better.


The view north from Hurricane Point

The summer heat and drought have really taken a toll.  Everything was brown and ugly.  We can not wait for winter and rain from El Nino.

We have quite a few  blogs on our site about Big Sur, This is the most popular one.

To see (and buy) more of our photos, please go to www.pamphotography.com.


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