Photographing Point Lobos State Park

Old Veteran Monterey Cypress
Old Veteran Monterey Cypress

When on the Monterey Peninsula, a half day visit to the Point Lobos state park is a must.  If you don’t mind a little crowding and a lot of walking, this is a gem.  Located on some of the prettiest coastline in the world, there is plenty to see and photograph.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_160-Edit-2

We have been a few times.  The park is only open from about 10-5, so no sunrise and sunset shots unless you park on Highway One and hike in.  There is limited parking and the place is not that big, so get there early.  We had an overcast day, and OK shooting conditions.

1509_MFA_Pebble Beach_147
Details from Weston Beach

Mary spent at least an hour making these types of photos.  See her blog about it.

I spent the hour photographing one rock over and over until I got what I wanted.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_272-Edit

I always love this composition of the Bluefish Cove.

1509_PSA_Pebble Beach_202-Edit

Mary loves the red moss on the trees in the Allen Memorial Grove.  However, it was clear that the trees, moss, and other vegetation were suffering from the on-going drought in CA.  Things looked pretty ill.

1509_MFA_Pebble Beach_075-Edit

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