Sunrise on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

1505_PSA_Olympic _524
Below the cloud cover is the Strait of Juan de Fuca

On our last morning in Port Angeles, WA, we took the very early morning drive up to Hurricane Ridge in complete darkness and shrouded in thick fog.  Boy did we get a surprise about half way up the mountain.  Here is what we saw.


The ridge is not that high compared to the surrounding peaks and it is easily accessible with a large visitors’ center, parking lot, and hiking trails.  We got to the top parking lot about sixty minutes before sunrise.

There appears to be three different shots up here.  The first is the cover photo from the lookout directly opposite the visitors center and parking lot.

1505_PSA_Olympic IR_556-Edit
Same as the cover in montone

The second is shooting directly at the mountains with alpenglow as the sun rises behind you.

1505_PSA_Olympic _528
1505_PSA_Olympic _529-Edit

Finally, there is another lookout above the entrance to the parking lot, looking directly east.

1505_PSA_Olympic IR_557-Edit
Looking back from the outlook above the parking lot entrance

The three of us started down the mountain pretty happy with our morning and got a final surprise as we drove down the hill.  We got one final shot that was quite thrilling.

1505_PSA_Olympic _536-Edit

This is the last of eight blogs about our epic trip to Olympic.

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