Photographing the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park


There are many beautiful areas in Olympic National Park.  It is full of beautiful beaches, mountains, and woods.  If you only take one hike, it should be the Hall Of Mosses trail in the Hoh Rain Forest.  Here is what you will see.


The Hall of Mosses trail is only about a mile loop, but there is so much to see and photograph.  You do not necessarily need to be here for sunrise, however, you really want and need flat light.  We arrived before sunrise and had a nice overcast day.  As soon as the sun broke through, the good shooting was pretty much over.

You can go three ways here – wide angle and try to get as much of the trees as you can; telephoto to isolate areas; or close-up/macro shots.

Telephoto into the forest
Telephoto into the forest

There are plenty of portrait and landscape orientation wide angle shots

Wide Angle shot

Mary really liked the macro/close-ups.


We spent about four days in and around Olympic National Park.  We have posted several blogs about Olympic and a few more to come.

To see (and buy) more of our photographs, please go to

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