Photography Project: Water Abstracts

1505_MFA_Olympic IR_0229

I often create abstracts by blurring motion – moving the camera or slowing the shutter speed.  In this case, I tried something completely different, I tried freezing the motion.  What I got was unexpected.

Pure texture.  These images were taken with an infrared camera.  I converted Fuji XE-2 using a super color filter.  Depending on what I am using to white balance, I can get an image rich in purples and magenta.  When I tone them down I get a shimmering copper look.

These images aren’t like the peaceful and tranquil ones I gravitate toward.  They have a frenetic energy captured by the swirling water.  I’ll continue to play with this technique, and perhaps experiment more in post-processing by bringing in matte like qualities.

1505_MFA_Olympic IR_0231

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