Photography Project: One Subject, Multiple Interpretations

1408_MFA_Philly IR_014-Edit

After a year’s hiatus I decided to pick up David du Chemin’s Visual Toolkit and start where I had left off.  This week’s project was to find one subject and create 6-8 interpretations by changing your perspective.  I decided to take it a little further…….

….by throwing some creative processing, telephoto captures, and even shooting through a screen into the mix.  I used Peter’s compact infrared, and tried some of the processing techniques I learned in Nevada Weir’s workshop.  I was fortunate enough to be in a building that offered views of the Philadelphia skyline, and then had to leave my perch at the end of the day and to find a different angle among the railroad traffic and highway entrance (and luckily neither me nor my new teammates were injured).

At one point I thought adding a retro treatment to the telephoto frame would make it more visually interesting, and then realized that the ultra modern glass building would create a strong dissonance…….what can I say I worked on this at the end of a very long day.

1408_MFA_Philly_IR_001 1408_MFA_Philly IR_010-Edit 1408_MFA_Philly IR_009-Edit 1408_MFA_Philly IR_006 1408_MFA_Philly IR_003-Edit 1408_MFA_Philly IR_001-Edit

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