Photographing Trains at the Orange Empire Railway Museum Part 2

Black and White with color painted back in
Color capture converted to black and white with red painted back in

Last week, we introduced you to the Orange Empire Railway Museum (see last week’s blog).  It is a bit out of the way in Perris, CA, but well worth a day trip for photographers, families, and train enthusiasts.  This week we concentrate on processing these terrific subjects.  Here is how:

We really had a lot of fun with the processing.  The subjects just screamed out for a more gritty look and feel.  And when I say “gritty,” I mean de-saturated color, more contrast, and more structure and texture.  We also liked converting to black and white, especially from infrared RAW captures.  There are several ways to get this look.

Color with XXX processing
Processed with Photography Playful Vintage – Classica pre-set
Color image with all colors de-saturated and blue increased 100%
Color capture converted to a custom black and white pre-set: Young’s classic-matte-bw-02

Mary used her Fujifilm X-E2, so all of her RAW files where color.  From there, she mostly used Lightroom pre-sets.  Mary loves to explore the world of custom pre-sets that have been created by many artists and photographers.  We have hundreds of them.  She also has created some of her own.

Color capture processed in Nik’s Analog Efex Pro Classic Camera#4
Infrared processed in Nik’s SilverEfex Pro

I used my Canon 5D Mk III and 5D Mk II infrared.  I used both on almost all the subjects and decided later which one I liked best.  I just love Nik’s Analog Efex Pro right now.

Infrared right out of the camera
Infrared processed by switching the red and blue channels in PhotoShop

We have recently been greatly influenced by the infrared work and teaching of Nevada Weir, so it was fun to try out some more infrared photography.

Color capture processed with Photography Playful Vintage: Vintage Beauty pre-set
1408_PSA_Train Infared_047-Edit
Infrared processed in Nik’s Analog Efex Pro Vintage Camera #1

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