He Saw. She Saw. Photographing Street Signs in Hollywood


Peter and I are often surprised when we do a joint edit of our images after a photography excursion.  We can be in the same place, at the same time, and yet interpret a subject so differently.  In this installment of “He Saw, She Saw,” we are roaming Hollywood Boulevard with our infrared cameras photographing one of our favorite subjects – street signs.

I think there are two reasons for our visual differences:

  1. I tend to hone-in on elements; Peter sees the whole scene.  This probably explains his love for wide-angles, and mine for telephotos.
  2. I prefer re-interpreting reality (this holds true for all aspects of my life) – cutting things off, quirky angles, abstraction, etc; Peter  likes capturing reality.

I think the following images are telling in how we “see” differently.  Maybe someday we’ll experience a freaky-Friday-like phenomenon, switch lenses and see what chaos ensues.

Mary's Vogue Sign
Mary’s Vogue Sign
Peter's Vogue Sign
Peter’s Vogue Sign
Peter's Sergeant Sign
Peter’s Sergeant Sign
Mary's Sergeant Sign
Mary’s Sergeant Sign
Peter's Hollywood Sign
Peter’s Hollywood Sign
Mary's Hollywood Sign
Mary’s Hollywood Sign

To see more (and buy) our photographs, please go to www.pamphotography.com.

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