1 Barn, 7 Ways – Using Nik’s Analog and Silver Efex Pro

Analog Efex: Vintage Camera #2

This week must be topsy-turvy week here at PAM Photography.  Mary wrote a travel blog on Wednesday and now I am writing a software blog on Saturday.  For those of you who know us well, this is the complete opposite of our usual interests.  Here is another example of why we love Nik Software.

Our last set-up in the Palouse region of Washington was this barn on Highway 26, west of Highway 127.  It was mid-morning and not an interesting sky.  Using various focal lengths, the rule of thirds (see our popular blog), and moving the barn among the four power spots in vertical and horizontal orientation, I ended up with about 20 RAW images.  Of those, I chose seven that I liked best.

Because of the simple scene and the bald sky, I wondered what I could do in processing that might make this plain barn more interesting.  Here is when I turned to NIK and just started running the images through various options.

Analog Efex Pro is our new favorite.  It has 36 presets divided into Vintage Camera, Wet Plate, Toy Camera, and Classic Camera.  It also has 9 additional sliders to make fine adjustments.  Silver Efex Pro is just marvelous with infrared captures.  It has 37 presets and dozens of other sliders and options.  All and all, these processing tools are powerful, creative, and fun to use.  Here are my favorites.

1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1155-Edit
Silver Efex: Full contrast and structure
1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1154-Edit
Analog Efex: Wet Plate #3
1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1141-Edit
Analog Efex: Classic Camera #4
1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1153-Edit
Analog Efex: Vintage Camera #2
Analog Effex: Toy Camera #3
Analog Efex: Toy Camera #3
Silver Effex: Yellowed #2
Silver Efex: Yellowed #2

Cameras do not make great photos, photographers do.  Likewise, processing photos with good software does not make them good.  It just gives the photographer more options and a better chance to find something interesting and emotional in one’s image.  I am usually a pretty straightforward processor, but sometimes the subject just calls for more creativity, and when you need it, Nik is a great tool.

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