Photographing Barns in the Palouse


Barns are a favorite subject for any photographer.  We love red ones especially, but will take any old barn in a field.  Here are some of the best barns we saw in the Palouse region of south eastern Washington a few weeks ago.


A nice green field of wheat or grass along with an angry sky really helps.


Adding elements to the photo like an interesting foreground and a tree make a nice composition.


Remember to “see” in black and white.

1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1131-Edit

Fences can add an interesting element as well.

1406_MFA_Palouse Infrared_1114-Edit

Don’t forget to try portrait,as well as, landscape orientation.

1406_PSA_Palouse Infrared_1141-Edit

Sometimes the simplest subject and composition makes the best photo.

And remember, never pass up a chance to make a photo of a red barn.


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To see (and buy) our photographs, please go to


  1. pamphotography

    Loretta – thank you so much for the kind words! We had a great time ….there is something to be said for spending all of your vacation time focused on just doing one thing. I’ve finally convinced Peter we need a vacation focused on reading books by the water :).

  2. Najasila Campbell

    I am soooo in love with the red barn photo. It just jumps out at you from the center of the screen. Great shot and finishing!

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