Photographing the San Simeon Pier (and schoolhouse)

1312_MFA_CA Coast_135-Edit

Driving south on CA Highway 1 from Big Sur, Mary and I stopped for an interesting lunch in San Simeon.  We were only there for two hours, but had a terrific and memorable experience.  Here is what happened.

Well, the plan was to stop for lunch quickly and photograph the pier.  We waited over 40 minutes to get a few sandwiches at Sebastian’s and had a couple of glasses of wine from the Hearst Winery.  The sandwiches were delicious and so was the wine. While waiting, we saw that the parking area had a spectacular view of the San Simeon schoolhouse with Hearst Castle in the background.  The sky was fantastic and THEN two of the Hearst Ranch horses walked up and grazed near the schoolhouse.  It was a magical moment.

One of my favorite photos of the year
One of my favorite photos of the year

After lunch, we took a short drive down to the beach and pier.  It was easy to park and a very short walk to the pier.

Don't forget to get underneath
Don’t forget to get underneath

We both used our 8 stop circular variable neutral density filters from Singh Ray.  We used these to slow down the shutter speed and get a silkier water.

1312_PSA_Big Sur_0472-Edit

The sky really made a difference here.  I love the high wispy clouds and they really look good with the silky water.

1312_PSA_Big Sur_0464-Edit

So, the next time you pass San Simeon or go up to see the Hearst Castle, take a quick side trip down to the pier.  You will not be disappointed.

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