Photographing Flowers with the Fuji X-E2


My Christmas present arrived a couple of weeks ago (yes, I do realize its February, but I also realize we tend to follow the beat of our own drum).  Focusing with the Fuji system is different from my Canon DSLR.  So I set off to conquer it with the most challenging focusing situation I could think of……macro photography.  I have lost the battle but am determined to win the war.

First of all let me say, for the images where I was able to achieve focus in parts, my first reaction was “WOW”!  The color and sharpness of the images is amazing.  I realize I have a lot to learn about the electronics and functionality of this camera….but if my mistakes are any indication, I think I will be blown away once I master it.  I purchased three bouquets of flowers over the weekend, and realized some of the wildflower seeds I threw around in my backyard are starting to bloom.  With all of these various subjects, I’m going to work on it daily (or until Peter tries to reclaim the dining area and tells me to put my stuff away.).  Here is what I have so far.  I hope to write a future blog revealing the secrets of macro focusing with the Fuji X-E2, because I haven’t found anything on the internet yet that has been helpful (if you find something, send it my way, I will be extremely grateful).

1402_PSA_untitled_106 1402_MFA_flower_094 1402_MFA_flower_070 1402_MFA_flower_056 1402_MFA_flower_036 1402_MFA_Flower_010

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  1. Loretta S

    You’re having fun, aren’t you! Glad you live in an area where you have flowers to shoot. We’ve had 57 inches of snow here on Long Island, NY (normal is 25), so I’m wondering if we’ll even get to see our late Feb/early March crocuses and snowdrops even. Macro, so much fun, and so frustrating with any camera. Enjoy.

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