Using the Lensbaby Edge 80 optic

1312_MFA_CA Coast_157As I mentioned in a previous post, I am bound and determined to conquer the Lensbaby Edge 80 optic and the Canon 65 mm lens this year.  I took the Lensbaby with me on our last photography trip, put it on my camera for the day, and muscled through it.

What is ironic, is I have never been great at focus.  I know that sounds crazy, given my passion.  I blamed my eyes for a long time, but after I got tri-focals there were no more excuses.  The Lensbaby Edge 80 allow you to get a “slice” of focus – vertical, horizontal, diagonal….whatever plane of focus you choose everything in that slice will be in focus.  Using a lens that limits the amount in focus is, and will continue to be, a challenge.  My next effort will be to pick a subject that has different layers of focus, maybe my chess set, and then try to get different planes in focus.  In the meantime, I share my first stab at really working with this lens.

1312_MFA_CA Coast_156 1312_MFA_CA Coast_153 1312_MFA_CA Coast_152 1312_MFA_CA Coast_150 1312_MFA_CA Coast_135-Edit 1312_MFA_CA Coast_053-Edit 1312_MFA_CA Coast_051-Edit 1312_MFA_CA Coast_029

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