Visual Toolkit Project: Isolating a subject using a telephoto lens


I decided to switch up Weeks 6 and 7 (long boring story).  So armed with my trusty 70-200 (which just cost me a small fortune in repairs…..why do I have this crazy cosmic karma which deals me “rare” problems?), I set out to “isolate”.

This was actually a straightforward exercise for me, since I tend to “see” in telephoto.  It is the wide angle lens that I struggle with (wait for next week’s assignment – bound to be an adventure in frustration).  I thought I would hone in on things that people don’t typically isolate, like tree branches (and then inverse them).  I did however get some strange looks as I pulled my camera out in a bar to photograph the wine glasses (at 8:00 am) – I just wished I had a longer telephoto.

1311_MFA_Oklahoma_035 1311_MFA_Oklahoma_020 1311_MFA_Napa_044-Edit-Edit 1311_MFA_Napa_044-Edit

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