Salton Sea II: the beautiful devastation of Bombay Beach

1310_PSA_Salton Sea Infrared_020-Edit

If you are not a birder, the main reason to go to the Salton Sea is to see the “modern” ruins.  The Salton Sea was a thriving beach resort in the mid-nineteenth century and is now, in many places, like a ghost town.  Here is the prime example:

When Mary and I planned our trip to the Salton Sea, we expected to photograph the modern ruins that resulted from over-building and several storms and floods.  You can see the images here – Bombay Beach on Flickr.  The most famous subject is the “Bombay Beach trailer.”  Well, we are sad to report that the beach is cleaned up and what remains are some pilings, posts, and a lot of old fish bones.

1310_MFA_Salton Sea Infrared_023-Edit
1310_PSA_Salton Sea Infrared_030-Edit
1310_PSA_Salton Sea Infrared_034-Edit-Edit-Edit
1310_PSA_Salton Sea Infrared_018-Edit

Without all of the “ruins,” we were forced to look harder for subjects and work the beach.  It was middle of the day shooting, so we both used our infrared cameras.  I really like the smashed up television and the tire with old telephone poles.

To see more of our photography, please go to


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