Photography Project: Break the rules – unfocused images


I confess.  After all this time and energy pursuing photography, I still struggle with focus.  Even when I use autofocus, I don’t always get it right.  So I decided to follow my friend Anna’s new approach to life and go zen.  Just accept what is, and learn to work with it.  This week, I had fun taking it to the extreme, I mean why not?A while back I bought a cheap 500 mm mirror lens.  One of the stated drawbacks of this lens is that the bokeh appears in distinct ring shapes.  I kind of like it that way – to me they look like ethereal circles.  So in utter frustration of trying to chase fall color, and finding little to none, I turned my attention on a couple of aspen trees nearby.

These images were taken with the 500 mm lens unfocused and then processed through Topaz’s Restyle plug-in.

1309_MFA_Sierra_0045-Edit 1309_MFA_Sierra_0040-Edit

On a different note, my friends Anna and Cindy, have decided to join me in one of my crazy endeavors.  We are working through David duChemin’s Visual Toolkit e-book.  One chapter a week for the next year.  I don’t think they’ve realized what they’ve gotten themselves into…..if you’d like to join us, please do.

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