Photography Project: Creativity from mosaics


If you follow our blog regularly, you will know that I am always spending time (a lot of time) in airports.  I arrived at Terminal D at the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport with extra time, so I went to the information desk, where the nice (and helpful people), gave me a guide to the floor mosaics throughout the terminal.  I spent 30 minutes walking the terminal and taking photos of the floor underneath my feet (I’m sure many strangers thought I was a complete loon, but only a couple insisted on walking through my images).  Time flew by, and before I knew it, I was hustling toward my gate to board.

I used the zoom techinique when making these images; zooming my lens while the shutter was open.  I tried both zooming out and zooming in.  I really depends on the subject matter, as to what works best.  I especially liked two mosaics…..a lot.  I spent so much time photographing them, and airport person came by to ask me (a lot of) questions.  Good thing I was looking forward to going home….or I might have been more cranky in responding to his questions.  Sometimes I feel like people treat you like a criminal if you are taking pictures.

So here are some of my favorite pics from the week.  I used an assortment of different plug-ins to process them (now that I successfully conquered the PC transfer, and am on top of Windows 8 (somewhat – I cheated and downloaded a Start button which has been a lifesaver – who knew such an under appreciated feature would be so critical to every day life).

Who would have guessed the floor beneath your feet could yield such beautiful art.

1304_MFA_Mosiacs_013-Edit 1304_MFA_Mosiacs_010-Edit 1304_MFA_Mosiacs_006-Edit-2 1304_MFA_Mosiacs_006-Edit 1304_MFA_Mosiacs_005

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