Photographing barns and red clover in Sherwood, OR

OR 17

One the fun things to do when we go to Portland to see our photographer teacher and good friend, Jack Graham, is photographing crimson clover and barns.  The red clover is a cover crop in the winter and replaces nitrogen in the soil.  Jack scouts the area regularly for these unique Oregon farm country photos.  Here is what you might see:

OR 16

I know the clover is red, but it can also provide great contrast in black and white photos.


Use a wide depth of field, like f/16, to get the clover and barn all “in focus.”


Use a wide-angle lens to show a wide and broad scene.  Blue, green, and red look great together.


Mary textured this one to give it an old fashion canvas feel.


Use a macro or telephoto with a shallow depth of field and to get the foreground sharp and background blurry.

Final piece of advice – for all of the photos above, we positioned our tripods low to the ground to get closer to the clover and create more (longer) eye line to the barn.  We also jacked up our ISO to 800 to quicken the shutter speed because the clover was moving a bit.

Here is a link to our popular blog about photographing Oregon barns.

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