Photography Project 52: Week 47 – Photographing points of intersection


Last April, when I started Project 52, I created a list of 70 possible projects. It had been awhile since I had looked at it, and I figured I should start knocking some off the actual list as my final weeks approach (I have somehow managed to do every possible project that wasn’t on the list).  I mentioned to Peter, that if I had stuck to my original list I probably would have expanded more creatively – the stuff on the list is hard.  So this week I gave it a go…..photographing points of intersection.  With my new point-and-shoot in hand, my patient husband in tow, I set off to try to see the “everyday” differently.

This project seemed made for architecture.  Not just urban skyscrapers, but architectural details, and urban infrastructure. I had an ironic moment, standing in a beautiful Chinese garden with pink and red flowering trees all around…..and there I was photographing the underside of a building, and the joints in the ceiling.

I also found shadows great subjects for points of intersection – both with other shadows, or with the medium they were illuminated on.

I used my new set of “Instagram-like” presets to process most of these.  You can load them into Lightroom…and they are both inexpensive and easy to use (although adjusting some of them can be like trying to solve the Sphinx’s riddle).

I’m delighted to share more images than I anticipated (it was that tough to find the inspiration this week. But perseverance paid off, and things started to click).

1303_MFA_Huntington_103-Edit 1303_MFA_Huntington_080 1303_MFA_Intersection_026 1303_MFA_Intersection_024 1303_MFA_Intersection_021 1303_MFA_Intersection_020 1303_MFA_Intersection_013 1303_MFA_Intersection_009 1303_MFA_Intersection_006 1303_MFA_Intersection_004 1303_MFA_Intersection_002

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