Photographing the Mission San Antonio de Padua

1212_PSA_Big Sur_0027-Edit

The Mission San Antonio de Padua is in a very remote location and not just a drive by.  It is near the small town of Jolen, CA and is a destination mission as it is 45 minutes from highway 101 or The El Camino Real.  You have to drive through the middle of Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reservation, but it is well worth the trip.  Here is what you will see.

1212_PSA_Big Sur_0035-Edit

Because it is so remote, there are few visitors.  It is quite beautiful inside and out.

1212_MFA_Big Sur Infrared_009-Edit

It has a unique double cross facade.

1212_PSA_Big Sur_0048-Edit

 Father Serra is a favorite subject.  Here he is covered with bird poop.  Remember to use “portrait” camera settings or a wide open aperture to get him sharp and the blurry background called “bokeh.”

1212_PSA_Big Sur_0044-Edit

You always have to find the El Camino Real bell.

1212_MFA_Big Sur_031-Edit

Always look for details and abstracts.

1212_PSA_Big Sur_0030-Edit

This one had a very large interior courtyard and a nice porch in front.  This is a “must get” shot.

We have now photographed 13 of the 21 missions.  We plan to complete the project in 2014.  See our other blogs about the California missions.

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  1. Anonymous

    I visited this mission many years ago. It has not changed. It was the restful setting I have ever experienced. I will go again.

    1. pamphotography

      Thanks for the note. This IS a very peaceful and quiet mission. Good for reflection, thoughtfulness, and photography. They are having money problems, so If anyone wants to visit, they should go now. Thanks.

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