Photography Project 52: Week 44 – Hands Holding an Object


This week I subjected more innocent people to one of my projects; what a way to ingratiate myself to my new team members.  They were terrific about letting me interrupt the discussion to take pictures of their hands holding something (although we almost had mutiny after they lost patience looking at the M&M’s and Jelly Beans sitting on the table in front of them, while I as waiting for a break to start working on my project again.

This week was fun in a different way.  The creativity was more around how to set up the shot, rather than catching a particular moment or just one aspect of a subject.  It reinforced basic photography principles for me:

  • Backgrounds matter.  Sometimes in my hurry and concern about frustrating people, I took the shot with a messy or non-complimentary background.
  • Lighting can be challenging, especially when working in an indoor corporate environments.
  • Creativity counts.  I found myself looking around for interesting things people could hold.  It was really challenging to find something unusual.

So here are my photos from this week.  By the time I took the photo of the martini – it was definitely shaken and not stirred. (And thank you to my wonderful husband for the beautiful Valentine’s Day roses).

1302_MFA_Hands_030-Edit 1302_MFA_Hands_022 1302_MFA_Hands_020 1302_MFA_Hands_018-Edit 1302_MFA_Hands_015-Edit 1302_MFA_Hands_011 1302_MFA_Hands_003-Edit


  1. Najasila

    The cupcake was def the best (just ahead of the roses… I love how you filtered the pic). Hitting share on the blog post. Looks like something fun to try at the flea market or a crafts store.

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