Photography Project 52: Week 37 – Photographing through Ice


This week’s project provided insights not only about photography, but also my marriage.  Peter and I took a walk on New Year’s Eve and I asked him to grab a gallon size zip lock bag for me on the way out the door (it’s important to know that we do not have pets).  No questions were asked, no comments…..nothing.  About halfway through our walk, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and asked him if he was at all curious about why I was carrying this plastic bag around.  He just smiled.  I guess after 15 years of my crazy projects, his strategy is to lay low, and then maybe he won’t be recruited to help.  His strategy didn’t work….I needed to call in reinforcements right after I started.

I saw this project in a magazine, you freeze layers of water over a 24 hour period and part way through you throw something in the middle.  I gathered leaves, a flower, and part of a grassy plant.  I decided to fast track the frozen layer thing, and poured half the water in at once (this is when Peter had to help me get the dish in and out of our freezer without spilling).  The problem was it didn’t freeze evenly, the ice buckled and severely cracked in one section, and the stuff floated to the edges and all over each other.  At one point Peter took a look at the magazine article, and noticed the photographer’s subject was a whole fish.  He must have been desperate  because he asked me why I didn’t try it with a fish.  My passion for photography does have limits, and photographing dead animals is about where I draw the line. I think this project will have to go in the “do over” category.

Because it’s so late in the week, I was stuck with it, and had to make due if I was going to meet my publisher’s deadline (aka Peter).  I pulled out my trusty macro lens and decided to create abstracts.  Here are the results.1301_MFA_Ice_007-Edit 1301_MFA_Ice_016-Edit 1301_MFA_Ice_019-Edit 1301_MFA_Ice_020 1301_MFA_Ice_021-Edit


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