Photography Project 52: Week 34 – Creating Abstracts with Straws

1212_MFA_Light Sticks_011

I saw a magazine article where the photographer created this amazing abstract by photographing straws.  He had a lot of expensive equipment and it looked complicated.  I thought I would try to recreate the look with an “economical” approach.

I think the most complicated part of this project was trying to keep the straws on my lightbox…..they kept rolling off and all over the kitchen.  The set-up was fairly simple.  I put the straws on my lightbox (trying hard not to arrange them) and lit them up from behind.  Then I took a desk lamp and shone light on top of them so they would appear bright.  If I were to do this project again I would buy straws that did not have the flexible/accordion piece.

Because I love playing with my lightbox, I bought an interesting Mexican food product.  They look like unfrozen Popsicles.  I think you put them in the freezer and eat them (a bit scary for me to consider).

I also tried to texturize an image (see below).  I don’t think I like the grunge texture with the modern clean abstract lines of the Popsicles…..I’ll let you decide.

1212_MFA_Light Sticks_017

1212_MFA_Light Sticks_020 1212_MFA_Light Sticks_022-Edit 1212_MFA_Light Sticks_026-Edit 1212_MFA_Light Sticks_029-Edit 1212_MFA_Light Sticks_034-Edit 1212_MFA_Light Sticks_005-Edit

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