Photography Project 52: Week 29 – Photographing Refraction through Water

I have been at Project 52 for over 6 months, and this was the first time, that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find the inspiration – I never found the “wave” or “flow”, after hours and many experiments (I even resorted to my beloved rubber ducks which somehow always make my project work out).  I was playing with refraction trying to find creative ways to distort items through vases of water.

During this project I learned:

  • Reflections are key – making sure you have the right ones and eliminating the wrong ones.  I really struggled with trying to eliminate the reflections of windows around the room.  After holding a big blanket around my set-up, and convincing Peter to push the shutter button – I finally resorted to using my table top cube which helped.
  • Placement of items is tricky – you need to have them at just the right distance from the vase holding the water to get the right level of distortion…..but also need to make sure anything you need to prop them up or stand them on doesn’t show in the image.
  • Placement of the camera is challenging – you have to work at getting the right height and distance.  My hands were so sore from adjusting the tripod legs trying to find the right angle, that Peter had to come to my rescue.
  • Post- processing – if you let the water sit too long you get lots of tiny bubbles.  I cleaned up the larger ones in post, but eventually gave up on the little ones.

So here are this week’s images (pretty poor lot given the hours I spent) – to see larger click on one to view in slide show mode:


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