Photography Project 52: Week 24 – Isolating architectural lines and curves

A few weeks ago, I found myself hopscotching across the country.  The first part of the week was hectic – 3 airports in 4 days, 4 hotels in 4 days, well you get the idea.  Camera in hand, I set out to photograph lines and curves.  Airports and hotels are great places for these – especially at night.  Instead of slogging through the airport at 11:00 pm – I skipped through it, taking pictures, and wondering if security was going to detain me (for the photo taking – not the skipping).

I found myself abstracting the mundane and monotonous into graceful lines and curves.  Ironically I did not like the images where I zoomed in (my preferred “see-zone”).  I honed in on the lines to create a vanishing point, and watched the reflections on the floor to see if there was a mirror effect or anything else that was interesting.  I found symmetry worked best for most images – instead of asymmetrical compositions. I loved playing with my new actions and effects and found they lent a surreal quality to each image – much like what I was feeling, wondering through the airports after a long day, late at night.

Next time you are high up – in a hotel, apartment, or conference room – look at the window and see if there are any interesting lines and curves.

To see larger versions of these images, click on one to enter the slide show mode.

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