Project 52: Week 12 – Working with one lens

This week I decided to work with one lens.  I chose the Lensbaby and put it in my bag as I hit the road for work. Out of 200 images, I had barely a handful that I liked.  Probably the worst week yet.  I think part of the reason  things were really hard was I tried to force myself to use the new Sweet 35 optic – which is a 35mm focal length – well for most of the time.

I had three big learnings this week:

  • I “see” in telephoto.  Working with a wider focal length was really challenging for me. I struggle with not honing in on details.  Peter may write a blog on “see” in different focal lengths, so I won’t go into a lot here…..but needless to say I’m glad he “sees” in wide angles.
  • Even though you have a wide angle, get close.  I always knew this – but it wasn’t until I got frustrated about not having a telephoto or macro in the flower beds that I decided to get the lens really close to the flowers.  Just because you have a wide angle doesn’t mean you can only take grand vistas with it
  • Something has to be in focus.  So for those of you who know me – this will be a lifelong struggle.  It’s even harder with the Lensbaby for me – many of my images had nothing in focus.

So here are the images from this week.  On the last couple of days, I copped out and put a couple of magnifiers on the front of the double glass optic and got close.  You can probably tell – the close ups are my favorites which is why there are so many here.

Injury index:  I did suffer from some really nasty bug bites as I was crawling through the flowers and grasses.  So I’ll count this week as an injury week. 6:6.

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