Project 52: Week 8 – Photographing old clocks

Dodging Insomnia

This week I decided to pursue a theme:  photographing old clocks.  So after scouring flea markets and eBay, purchasing a cheap light cube, and having my camera cleaned (long story) I was ready…..or so I thought.

I learned more than I bargained for – lighting is hard.  I invested over two hours trying to figure out how to light the tabletop cube and still don’t think I really cracked the code.  Old clocks are more interesting up close.  Elements I loved were the inner workings, the letters, and the shapes of the face.  For me this exercise reinforced the elements that make strong photographs:  shape, lines, and color.

I experimented with  taking “portraits”, group shots, and close-ups.  I even changed the background color thinking the yellow clock on a blue background would be striking – it wasn’t.

I also experimented in post-processing:  using retro effects to match the subject and distorting the clocks to show some of my current feelings regarding time (translation = my day job has been overwhelming lately).

So here are the results from this week:

I was planning on re-selling the clocks – but I may keep them a while longer….I had too much fun.

Injury index:  no injuries this week.  I think I am 5:3 now (5 weeks with injuries/ 3 without) – maybe I’m finally learning how to get out of my own way?

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